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Local SEO . You do not imagine what this tool can do by your Web

Google My Business, new possibilities and characteristics
Local SEO . You do not imagine what this tool can do by your Web


The local organic positioning, or local SEO is very left and this supposes that many companies are losing incredible opportunities of business that others will be useful to gain the game to them.

It remembers that intimately it is bound with the organic positioning of your Web and will have to go of the hand to conserguir results.


We leave from the base of which any search is local since Google takes the geolocalización from your equipment (as much computer as movable) to offer the results to you that agree to you more. Even so, we considered that a search is local when is accompanied by a location, for example, Agency local SEO .

When doing a search of this type, in the results search you will be able to see, in addition to the classic announcements and the organic results, maps of location with the businesses that better agree with your search.

You test, opens the assistant of voice of Google and I gave “restaurants surrounds”. You have seen that it has happened? Google has shown a series to you of results of near restaurants but How it knows that they are close?

Very simple. The answer is Google My Business, that is the person in charge of which the businesses appear in the maps and those results of geolocalizadas searches.



After the disappearance of Google +, Google has centered its efforts in Google My Business, a platform that is going to give much that to speak in the next years.

For common of the mortals this tool it works just as before, shows a map, beams click in the location that interests to you and you tell him to Google that takes to you. Nevertheless for those who more we are put in this, in the last year we have seen evolve very many the tool:

The Guides premises:

It is the form of Google to support the reviews, positive as as much negative. When you arrive at a place, Google detects that there are there been (we will omit in this article the judeomasónicas conspiracies of the finder and his adored Android). Once geolocalizado, you are susceptible of which Google asks to you You have lately been in X location? What has seemed to you? It has access for handicapped people? It has a terrace where to eat? They accept credit card? … These questions are not random, are the result of the parameters that the businesses put in their card of Google My Business and that Google wants to verify or to complete to improve its service and that the results are most satisfactory possible for that it looks for.

The Guides Premises, especially active people in these exist review of businesses. Ten in account that Google has the intention to converrtir itself in something very similar to Trivago.

These reviews also help to that the businesses emphasize among others. To more positive and present reviews, better it will be the valuation of Google for your business and more above it will show to you if your card well is optimized.


Publications from Google My Business:

It has taken in arriving but already it is here. Google Merchant Center is specific for e-commerce and who sell physical products but there was nothing so that a business that offer services, local products or simply do not have store online could promote its supplies. For this the publications have been born from Google My Business.

This new functionality, accessible from your panel of management of Google My Business, allows you to make several types of publication, from simple official notices to specific supplies with prices and periods of validity.

To the being something so new and Google My Business a platform so forgotten by the businesses, is not common to find publications on the part of the companies, so it is a great opportunity if you want to promote your business of local form.




I propose another test to you. You do the search “Events ”. You have seen that pile of quick results search that shows Google to you?

If, it has extracted them each of his corresponding Web and it has shown them to you grouped and with a concrete order. This has done it thanks to the microformats. In Christian, some code small pieces that are inserted in the Web to contribute concrete information to Google in a very specific format. With this information it makes specific Google is able to use those data to show this type of result search.

What can be marked with microformats? What you practically want. Products, services, prices specific supplies, manuals of user, prescriptions, noticas, local businesses of any type…


YouTube for the local SEO:

Although we will treat it more in depth in other articles, YouTube is a great weapon to position since little competition for certain subjects exists and to Google it interests to remove results to him from his own platforms in searches. Before a search, if it can, it will remove organic announcements, images, videos, results, cards of Google and results to you of microformats.


We hope to have contributed something of light on the local positioning. if you have liked the article, please, compártelo with your contacts, therefore you will animate to us to write more.





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