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I want e-commerce. Prestashop or Woocommerce?

We know it clearly, And your?
I want e-commerce. Prestashop or Woocommerce?

To start up a store online is a great passage for a company. It can suppose a breakthrough whenever it is managed suitably and one leans from the management as a new channel of distribution.
To practical effects it is as if you sent yourself to a new market, or you extended your zone of sale. It implies a new commercial, logistic process and of promotion, as well as a new policy of price.  (all this we will treat it more in depth in next articles)

Once you know clearly all the strategy and you are decided to open this new channel of sale arrives a great doubt… Wordpress + Woocommerce or Prestashop?
Both are of free software, gratuitous and economic than a development to size, but they also have his disadvantages and here it is where the doubts arise. We see pros and cons of each.

Wordpress + Woocommerce:

Wordpress is possibly the manager of contents more used at the moment. It behind has a great assorted community that maintains it updated and of plugins that concrete functionalities contribute to him as the one of sale is online.

The main advantage of Wordpress for the sale online.
It is very easy to form and to adapt, in addition, thanks to these plugins and some knowledge of programming can be secured very visual and attractive results.
If to this him extreme that Google likes to him, doing the things good concerning organic positioning and of programming, they are possible to be obtained to very good results SEO.

Main disadvantage of Wordpress for the sale online:
Wordpress is not a platform that is thought for the sale online. Ten in the account that was born as a CMS to create blogs, simplest of the world. Its internal structure and the way in which it handles the data, continue being agreed this philosophy since if no, it would not be so easy to program and to form.

A store online is complex, has products, combinations, categories, prices, orders, invoices, RMA, many images, left carts… all this needs a place where to lodge in the data base of the manager of contents, and following the management that the CMS does of this data base, it can become something very heavy and slow.

In addition to this, Wordpress does not emphasize by its security. If you are going to store data of clients, it does not agree to you to have a platform who can hack into easily.

This lack of possibilities is transmitted to the management of the store online, which causes that he is not advisable in the following cases:

  • You are going to have a great amount of articles and categories (I would say that more than 50 he is not recommendable)
  • You are going to need functionalities outposts as unballastable products, private sales, special management outpost of combinations, shipments…
  • You are going to have a great amount of orders. Sooner or later the data base so will be passed that it will cost to him to work with normality.


Also it is of free software and it has a powerful community behind that maintains and develops it concrete functionalities.

Main advantage of Prestashop with respect to e-commerce:
Prestashop has been born for the electronic commerce and is prepared for it. The processes of purchase, the functionalities of cart, lists of desires or a very easy management of articles and warehouse do it perfect for a so large store online of/half great.

Main disadvantages of Prestashop with respect to e-commerce:
Its design is much more complex and the personalisation level is smaller. If you want something very visual you will to size need a development on Prestashop and these usually are not cheap. That if, the result will be optimal and would not have to affect to the yield with respect to the commerce.
As far as organic positioning he is not most recommendable either. He is especially prone to generate urls duplicated and not to index absolutely well. However if it very makes or noticeable with microformats and the their measurement with Analytics, or formed, she is quite fine.



Wordpress and Woocommerce can be a good platform of entrance, to test valid with a store of electronic commerce and to position it enough or, but you have expectations of growth with your store is very possible that you must migrate to Prestashop in two or three years.

You need advising? Contact to us and we will help to give you with the most appropriate solution for your business.



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