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What is the Lead Nuturing and how I put it in practice

Lead Nuturing? Another English word mattered used that uses those of marketing so that it does not find out don't mention it… If, it is mattered, but he is not nothing new, it is what it has been always known as funnel of conversion but applied to the attainment of the potential contact.

We go has to see it with more detail and you will understand it better.

Local SEO . You do not imagine what this tool can do by your Web

The local SEO is one of the great ones forgotten. The Cordovan companies do not know the potential the new functionalities of tools as Google My Business and today we are going to throw something of light on this subject.

How to turn a blog partly of your strategy of marketing?

A blog can be a very powerful weapon if it is used with sense. For it you will have to write up contents that contribute to your strategy of marketing and to try to diminish the costs to maintain it.

You know as a blog can help you? Today we discovered it.

I want e-commerce. Prestashop or Woocommerce?

Whether or you have a store of electronic commerce as if you are thinking about mounting it certainly you has arisen the doubt. Prestashop or Wordpress?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, today we will see some of them.

Your agency of organic positioning in Google

We are an agency specialized in organic Positioning for Google . We optimize the positions in which it appears your webpage so that you are able to improve your visibility in Internet and attract new clients.

The optimization for web search engines is what will cause that you emphasize between your competition, that you arrive to be known for those who your products and services are looking for. Thanks to our technical outposts, applied by specialists with years of experience and positioned hundreds of Web, you will secure the results that you look for.

Positioning Web SEO

Thanks to our service of positioning SEO we will obtain that more people know your supply, who you emphasize between the competition and that you secure good positions in Google.


Methodology SEO

We took our methodology in serious very. In the end they are parameters, densities, prominences, Domain Score, Inlinks, Outlinks and another pile of technical terms.

So that we are understood:

  • We analyze your company and your portfolio of services to determine the possibilities.
  • We analyze the volumes search to determine under what terms interest to appear to you considering the anteior.
  • This we do a proposal yet to you of content and we developed it so that it fulfills certain parameters.
  • We place all this contained in your Web and the maquetamos so that it fulfills other parameters.
  • We went it to Google and it begins the magic and the work monitoring and fits to continue improving your organic positions.


We will cause that you emphasize between your competition.

Years of work with finders, hundreds of Web optimized and one it releases list of satisfied clients guarantee to us. It contacts with us to know the results that we have obtained during these years.
We are Consulting in organic positioning with experience.

Optimized presence online for finders

You sell online? You need more clients? You don't appear in results search as you would like?

Loans our services of optimization Web , where we have our headquarters, but we optimized Web of all Spain, that sell so much at local level as national and international. You do not doubt in contacting with us.

We will make your available our specialists. They will audit your page or will determine the needs that you have. With a serious exposition we will put hands to the work to optimize, to write up content and to obtain backlinks.

Positioning Web SEO

We improve your position in the results search and for it not only we optimized the SEO of your page. The tools are many that influence: Local and specific Google My Business, Youtube, microformats… We know them all and we are the best ones using them of natural form and with direction to the final client.

Positioning local SEO

One of the main arms of sale for a local business, a physical store or a product or tourist service. In order to position a business of local form we already have well-known additional resources as Google My Business, in addition to some aces in the sleeve.
It obtains that your business appears in the maps of Google.

SEO Onpage

To secure good results in Google implies an optimization of the Web at technical level and contents, home by the own hierarchy of the Web until its indexing in Google. With this set of techniques you will secure a solid Web with which to secure a positioning that covers your objectives with content with quality.