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Marketing in Internet

What is the Lead Nuturing and how I put it in practice

Lead Nuturing? Another English word mattered used that uses those of marketing so that it does not find out don't mention it… If, it is mattered, but he is not nothing new, it is what it has been always known as funnel of conversion but applied to the attainment of the potential contact.

We go has to see it with more detail and you will understand it better.

Local SEO . You do not imagine what this tool can do by your Web

The local SEO is one of the great ones forgotten. The Cordovan companies do not know the potential the new functionalities of tools as Google My Business and today we are going to throw something of light on this subject.

How to turn a blog partly of your strategy of marketing?

A blog can be a very powerful weapon if it is used with sense. For it you will have to write up contents that contribute to your strategy of marketing and to try to diminish the costs to maintain it.

You know as a blog can help you? Today we discovered it.

I want e-commerce. Prestashop or Woocommerce?

Whether or you have a store of electronic commerce as if you are thinking about mounting it certainly you has arisen the doubt. Prestashop or Wordpress?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, today we will see some of them.

Marketing online . It emphasizes in Internet

Marketing online is a set of tools through which we can promote our product or business in Internet.

In a world in which anyone can have digital presence, the use becomes essential of this type of tools to contribute value to our brand: no longer it is enough with being in Internet, now is necessary to emphasize.

We present our services of Marketing online , marketing that works, oriented to results and 100% measured and optimized. It begins to emphasize in Internet.

Marketing of contents

Internet evolves to a vertiginous rate and what before it worked now no longer it serves or even it can be counter-productive. In the case of the SEO or search engine optimization this evolution has forced to all to change the chip of its strategy of marketing online.

Now the finders are more intelligent and are able to distinguish what he is really useful for the user and what has been implanted artificially to deceive its robots.

Any strategy of present marketing online is due to base on generating quality contents that they urge to be shared by the visitors and who of natural way are they ordered them to increase the authority of our Web.

Marketing of contents
The figure of the Community Manager

The options are so many and the methods that are to our disposition to generate traffic towards our Web that becomes impossible to make compatible the daily professional activity with the necessity to take I finish action of marketing in Internet.

From that incompatibility the figure of the Community is born Manager, an expert professional in marketing online, connoisseur of the tools and experienced user of the social networks that will be in charge to manage the image of our business in the network of networks.

To choose Community Manager is therefore a great responsibility.

The figure of the Community Manager
Experts in Internet

It is so the magnitude and the importance that this branch of Digital Marketing has acquired which we have chosen to create new line specialized in that type of action, so that we can offer to the client superb service to him

Our actions concentrate in letting grow the business of our clients doing use of the techniques and tools more outposts and applying to the creativity and experience of their team of professionals and collaborator.

It starts his business in the best hands.

Experts in Internet