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What is the Lead Nuturing and how I put it in practice

Lead Nuturing? Another English word mattered used that uses those of marketing so that it does not find out don't mention it… If, it is mattered, but he is not nothing new, it is what it has been always known as funnel of conversion but applied to the attainment of the potential contact.

We go has to see it with more detail and you will understand it better.

Local SEO . You do not imagine what this tool can do by your Web

The local SEO is one of the great ones forgotten. The Cordovan companies do not know the potential the new functionalities of tools as Google My Business and today we are going to throw something of light on this subject.

How to turn a blog partly of your strategy of marketing?

A blog can be a very powerful weapon if it is used with sense. For it you will have to write up contents that contribute to your strategy of marketing and to try to diminish the costs to maintain it.

You know as a blog can help you? Today we discovered it.

I want e-commerce. Prestashop or Woocommerce?

Whether or you have a store of electronic commerce as if you are thinking about mounting it certainly you has arisen the doubt. Prestashop or Wordpress?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, today we will see some of them.

Hello! We are Kag-Web, your agency of Digital Marketing

A company formed by professional young people who were united to bet by a new model in the development of products and services online.

Kag-Web Study is born with the aim of offering focused solutions of quality to the small and medium business.

Formed by a multidisciplinary equipment that constantly extends its knowledge. We innovate in each realised project.

Our form to understand the development is to meet in the first place our clients and their products, knowledge to where they want to throughout arrive and to work together the process.

The best example of than this method works is the result of our work.

Hello! We are Kag-Web, your agency of Digital Marketing

It jeopardize with the new technologies, we most of based our services and products on Internet as tool for the professional development of our clients. Our eagerness of constant investigation takes to us to implement the last advances in our projects, being offered solutions studied for each company


The key of a good project is to meet your client and his products. For that reason we analyzed in each case the needs and the objectives that are due to reach.

With this information we can raise the strategy to follow and the form in which we will implement the work. The reach of the project fixes it the client, we offer means and the ideas to him necessary to realise it.

To execute, to measure, to analyze and to repeat

Marketing is very undervalued due to many agencies that do not contribute results to their clients. IT IS NOT OUR CASE.

We have an obsession, to measure and to improve. For it we monitored everything what we do. We count on special systems of measurement and specific panels of information by KPI for digital marketing that we implanted for each of our projects. This allows us to know that it is working and that it can improve within the raised strategy the client.

These data we are made them arrive at each client, with transparency. We want that you know in what your investment is being used and how it is repelling in the objectives that phelp attention at the home of the project.

Transparency and results

We look for results, is not worth simplement to us with executing a project.

We strived to the maximum, we learn every day of nuestos errors and that makes us improve the results for our clients.

We have a principle. If your you also obtain results we.