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What is the Lead Nuturing and how I put it in practice

Lead Nuturing? Another English word mattered used that uses those of marketing so that it does not find out don't mention it… If, it is mattered, but he is not nothing new, it is what it has been always known as funnel of conversion but applied to the attainment of the potential contact.

We go has to see it with more detail and you will understand it better.

Local SEO . You do not imagine what this tool can do by your Web

The local SEO is one of the great ones forgotten. The Cordovan companies do not know the potential the new functionalities of tools as Google My Business and today we are going to throw something of light on this subject.

How to turn a blog partly of your strategy of marketing?

A blog can be a very powerful weapon if it is used with sense. For it you will have to write up contents that contribute to your strategy of marketing and to try to diminish the costs to maintain it.

You know as a blog can help you? Today we discovered it.

I want e-commerce. Prestashop or Woocommerce?

Whether or you have a store of electronic commerce as if you are thinking about mounting it certainly you has arisen the doubt. Prestashop or Wordpress?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, today we will see some of them.

The visited place more of its business

The webpage of a company is the place that more potential visits can receive daily. It represents the visible image of his business, opened to everybody 24 hours to the day, 365 days to the year.

It defines the objectives of his project Web

The first step of the process of creation of a website is the planning of the project being based on which are the objectives that are wanted to reach with the same.

A Web badly planned will not fulfill the expectations and can even repel negatively on the image of our company in Internet.

It defines the objectives of his project Web
It offers services through his Web

Internet does not have limits. Why to conform to us to an actual page if we can in addition offer our services or products through her?

Their clients will have a delegation always open and available to receive their orders or demands, in addition to acceding to companies outside the present geographic scope.

It offers services through his Web
Unique design and image for its site

We know that each client, business or activity are different. Although they are very similar or they belong to the same sector, the needs are not the same for all. Po that we did not use prefabricated groups or solutions.

Each design considers infinity of factors, which turns it into only and exclusive.

Unique design and image for its site
Advising to arrive more far

We have already shelp that most important to plan a website it is to know what we want to obtain with the same and to whom it is going to go directed. The nobody best one than you stop to give answer to this.

In our first contact with the client we arranged an appointment or we sent a complete form to him to obtain those aspects regarding the project that of another form we could not know.

Once studied his answers, the sector of the activity that develops and the competition of its company, we will propose a project to him presonalizado to his present needs, as well as the options of extension that can be implemented in the future more or less distant.

Advising to arrive more far
Last technology to the service of all

All that with computer science, Internet and new technologies evolves vertiginously: what today it is novel morning will be old fashioned.

This constant change brings about in the surroundings of the professionals of Kag-Web a permanent process of Investigation, Development and Innovation, reviewing periodically the new features to assimilate them and to introduce them in our models of production.

Each project that we developed in better than previous but the worse one than the following one.

This philosophy applied to the development Web is translated in faster, showy, accessible and safe pages, better search engine optimization and major number of visitors. Really, more profitable projects for our clients

Last technology to the service of all
An image is worth more than thousand words

A Web is a combination, in major or minor proportion, of content, programming and design. We have already spoken more above on how we obtain the contents and of how we took care of the quality in the programming. We see because the importance of the design in the final result.

The webpage of a company must be in agreement with the corporative image of the same, giving homogeneity sensation, and at the same time it must urge to sail by her, to show the contents of attractive way and to direct to the user until arriving at the objective who we try (to realise a purchase, to register themselves, to contract a service, etc.).

Our designs, in addition to exclusive and customized, consider all these factors and nor one of the components of the same is only located at random.

An image is worth more than thousand words
Optimized presence online

To count on presence in Internet no longer only implies to count on a webpage that catches the attention of the potential client, nowadays Google is the one that determines what Webs are successful and as no.
For it, we had specialists in organic Positioning who will be in charge of which the Web is in optimal conditions so that it can be positioned.

Ten in account that Google looks for the best result for the end user, reason why to count on a Web of great usability and speeds of load optimized so much for writing-desk as for mobile is key so that your final client gets to know you.

  • Content of quality
  • Optimized structure
  • Suitable hierarchy of contents
  • Improved speeds of load
  • Good indexing
  • Perfect usability Web
  • Complete measurement and in agreement with the objectives
  • Focused to the attainment of Leads
Optimized presence online